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Visit the Vesuvius: A historical itinerary and cultural landscape unique and unrepeatable.

Vesuvius is a volcano particularly interesting for its history and the frequency of its eruptions. Vesuvius is a glance of unusual beauty in the landscape of the Gulf of Naples. The volcano Vesuvius is the first to be studied systematically (by the will of the ruling house of Bourbon), studies that continue to this day by the Vesuvius Observatory.
The historical study of the Vesuvio's eruptive activity is crucial to understanding the future behavior of a volcano and enhance monitoring methodologies that are based right on the eruptive history and geology. In the eruptive history of Mount Vesuvius distinguish activity ancient Plinian eruption until 79 AD, an activity of between 79 and 1631, and subsequent activity that ends with the eruption of 1944. The eruptions prior to 79 evidently the strongest that the volcano has suffered, ie the plinian, since the weaker eruptions leave slight traces that are not found after a long time. Before the eruptions of Pompei Codola have been identified (25,000 years BP), basic pumice (19,000 years BP), pumice greenish (15,000 years BP), the (7900 years bp) Market pumice, pumice and finally to Avellino (3700 years bp). In the same period of time it is also been found deposits of a different number of subpliniane eruptions.
A walk up to the mouth of the crater accompanied by an official mountain guide of the Campania region. Guided tour of Vesuvius observatory and also visit the museum of contemporary art, where you can admire the magnificent lava stone sculptures. Finally a fantastic rooftop terrace overlooking the Bay of Naples you can admire the beautiful island of Capri, Pompeii, and the whole region... The Vesuvius excursion will last about 3 hours... We wait!!!

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